Natural, yet enhancing

Like you, we love makeup that is natural looking. With this in mind, we always have a detailed discussion with our brides on their preferences and skin conditions. Our aim is to make you look your best on the biggest day of your life. See more of our portfolio on Instagram!

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Eye Enhancing

Let your eyes articulate your soul. Your eyes are a unique pair that no one else will have. Here, we take great details in accentuating your eyes while keeping your makeup natural and radiant. View our eye makeup demo.

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Have a hairstyle that you always wanted for your wedding day? Let us know! Or are you confused with which style suits you? We will show you! See our works featured on SingaporeBrides

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A Hairstyle for the unique you

Whether you plan to grace your wedding day with sweeping flowy hair or you prefer bold short pixie, we can customize a hairstyle to your preference.

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Hairstyling Lessons and Tips

We constantly have tips on how you can style your hair, make it more voluminous, whatever your hair length is. Or are you an aspiring makeup artist, looking to improve your hairstyling skills for your brides?